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Learn to write in the right way for your entire life. In the writing courses, Junká teaches participants quickly and easily the basic concepts of grammar and writing, to eliminate mistakes in writing and composing their texts. We also have short writing workshops.
Directed to: Benefits of Junká's writing classes • High school and university students • Professionals • Persons who need to communicate effectively through written language. • Write with clarity, accuracy and originality. • Avoid making mistakes in writing, spelling and punctuation. • Produce texts that meet the required levels. • Express yourself correctly in written form with confidence. • It will improve your academic and/or professional performance.
 First level - Beginner: Learn to spell correctly The participant learns in an agile and fast way, obtaining key and indispensable tools to identify their errors and to correct them. Second level - intermediate: How to clearly translate my ideas in writing Develop skills to write correctly, learning in practical form with exercises and useful tips, to effectively manifest what you want to express. Third level - advanced: The art of writing Creation of informative, expositive, informative, descriptive, specialized, academic and scientific texts while taking care of the characteristics of each textual style to fulfill communication goals.
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