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We offer a responsible and professional service for the revision of texts, optimizing them and respecting their style. Junká is characterized by the application of updated grammatical norms and guidelines for the correction of texts, which ensure their communicative effectiveness.
Directed to: Benefits of the Junká service: • University students: All kind of academic work such as thesis, essays and articles. • Editorials: Nonfiction and specialized texts of linguistics teaching for foreigners, pedagogy and marketing. Correction and revision from originals to fine tests. • Government: Information material as well as books, articles and reports. • Politicians: Speeches, essays and communications of all kinds. • Private companies: Announcements, presentations, catalogs, promotional campaigns and various announcements. • Translators: Non-fiction and specialized texts of linguistics, teaching for foreigners, pedagogy and marketing.

• The style  of  the author will be respected and polished.


• The texts will be infused with communicative



• It will be taken care of the congruence, clarity,

  precision and comprehension of the writings.


• The academic and/or professional image of the

  client will strengthen.


• All projects will be delivered in a timely manner

  and in accordance with the agreements with the


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