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No more communication limits in your daily life. Junká offers Spanish classes for foreigners who need to learn or reinforce the language to avoid everyday communication problems that generate misunderstandings, waste of time and an elevated level of frustration. Our methodology for language teaching is personalized, with the aim of satisfying the needs of each student. Our courses are dynamic and taught exclusively in Spanish; so, the student is forced to use the resources he or she knows and to make an effort to understand the subject of the classes. Junká guarantees the effectiveness of this method.
Benefits of the Junká service: • Children (Prior than 5 years) • Young boys and girls • Adults • You can communicate in Spanish from the first class. • You can communicate with people around you. • You will gain security by speaking. • Take advantage of your stay in Mexico to better understand the culture and idiosyncrasy of the country, without any communication problems. • You will learn to speak Spanish correctly. Directed to:
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